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"By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox." – Galileo Galilei


Campaign for Accuracy in Public Health Research

The Campaign for Accuracy in Public Health Research (CAPHR) is a project of the American Chemistry Council and its member companies. CAPHR is an education and outreach initiative to promote credible, unbiased, and transparent science as the basis of policy decisions and help the public and policymakers understand the relevance of public health studies in our daily lives.

In particular, CAPHR will promote reform of the International Agency on Cancer Research (IARC) Monograph’s Program and bring to light the deficiencies, misinformation, and consequences associated with its work.

In doing so, CAPHR seeks to challenge the troubling practice of producing questionable scientific studies; promoting those studies as the basis for unjustified public policy or commercial decisions; and vilifying anyone in disagreement with study methods conclusions, or policy prescriptions.

CAPHR will provide individuals and policymakers with context to help them understand what headlines and public health studies actually mean for public health.

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