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"By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox." – Galileo Galilei

More Evidence Swept Under the IARC Rug

For the second time in over two months, evidence has surfaced that further demonstrates the IARC’s lack of transparency, conflicts of interest, and hidden agenda.

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IARC’s Classifications Throw Cold Water on Summertime Fun

IARC’s methodology leaves Americans short on options

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European Agencies and Leaders Agree: Science Overwhelmingly Confirms Safety of Glyphosate

Here’s a look at the scientific consensus on the safety of glyphosate

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Why is IARC Dictating California Policy?

A look into the foreign body’s influence in California’s chemical warning law and the state’s recent decision to add glyphosate to the Prop 65 list

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The Dangers Of Coffee

Clearing up the confusion on one of IARC’s blunders

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Did You Know?


the number of agents the International Agency for Research (IARC) on Cancer has now researched before finding one substance that was “probably not” likely to cause cancer in humans.

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